Overcoming the attraction of drugs

 T o conquer his addiction, the drug user must first learn to face the difficulties in life which led him to start taking drugs in the first place. He must recover his self-respect and self-worth and be prepared to start living life without drugs. Without this first step, all efforts to free himself from addiction are likely to fail.

And the solution is not another drug. The real answer is total independence from any form of narcotic. Only then will a person be able to successfully live life.

Life is beautiful, despite the problems. Heroin doesnt fix anything. Whatever you do, dont touch it. Nathalie, drug addict(1)

It is possible to educate young people about the dangers and to keep them from taking the first steps down the deadly road to drug use. For parents, these guidelines may help:

  • Spend time with your children. Enjoy positive and constructive activities together.

  • Give your children love and affection. Show them you care and that they can count on you.

  • Increase their power of choice and self-determinism by allowing them to make decisions about their own lives.

  • Encourage open communication. Talk to them, listen to them, create an atmosphere of confidence.

  • Set a good example. Act and talk as you would like your children to.

  • Let your children learn from their mistakes and discover for themselves how best to act.

    Good to know:

    Children who have learned about the dangers of drugs at home are less likely to try drugs. Talk to your children about drugs and see that they get the truth.

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