Why do drugs attract young people?

 H eroin, like any other drug, does tremendous harm. It breaks up families and it destroys lives. Why then do young people let themselves become trapped by it?

Some answers:

  • To be in on something. A person gets high to be like my friends. (For many, this can be an important reason for taking drugs.)

  • To numb the physical or mental sufferings of life.

  • To emulate role models. Celebrities admit to using heroin. Popular magazines try to make drug use seem fashionable.

  • Drugs offer a solution to the feeling of many adolescents that they have no future.

  • Young people are duped into believing lies about heroin, such as that it increases creativity, rids a person of problems and gives meaning to life.

  • Experimenting with heroin offers the thrill and excitement of taking a risk.

Any of the above reasons could provide a young person with an excuse to experiment with heroin or any drug.

There are so many different stories about drugs and heroin it can be hard to discern what the truth is. That is why this website is so important.

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